The human mental systems - Mind & Brain

What is meant by the Human Mental Systems?

        The Human Mental Systems is referencing the fact that during our lifetime on Earth, we are a two form system of life comprised of a physical body and a spiritual body.  Each system has an intelligence feature unique to its makeup and purpose for our life.  The physical body and brain will be left behind when we leave this life, and the spiritual body and the eternal mind will continue with us for the balance of our eternal life.  They are two totally separate and distinct parts of our mental makeup as human beings.

    The combination of brain and mind is what endows us with the ability to conceptualize, rationalize, learn, experience emotions, and every other apsect that makes us human, separating us from the animal kingdom.  Like the unique identification of our fingerprint, DNA and iris, it also endows us with our unique bundle of personality traits and talents as human beings.  No one else, past, present or future,  will ever have the same combination of talents and personlity traits as yourself.

        The brain is the most complex matter in the universe, able to perform every function necessary for us to live.  The brain is also the weakest link in our entire physical system, subject to our nutritional diet, injury, and the complex myriad of chemicals that it relies upon to maintain a proper balance to function.  Not to mention all the other extraneous chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs that we may subject it to as well.  Through all of this, the brain is able to perform some of the most astounding feats and complex tasks.  It gives us the ability to associate, remember, think, calculate and formulate ideas and dreams that are far beyond our ability to understand the processes.  Animals on the other hand, are not able to reason, but rely on instinct alone.  As humans we use both intelligence and instinct.  

        The mind is the unique and distinct intelligence feature of the spirit body.  The mind is the link to the spritual side of life, to God, and that of the eternal life.  The mind serves us in our every capcity as inspiration, motivation, source of our creative abilities, and as our guide and spiritual link now and forever.  The mind is far more complex than the brain, and many thousands of times more powerful.  To describe the power of the mind, the interrelationships between this life and eternal life, defies the comprehension and our ability to explain it.  Simply stated, it is also a part of the divine nature of God and the universe.

        How powerful is the mind?  With the use of its abilities, spiritual and ethereal, it knows the exact number of hairs on the persons head you may have just met.  It knows the exact number of leaves on the tree you last walked under.  These are simple tasks for the mind.  Ever get the gut feeling or intuition that you know something is not right, or the right choice to be made.  That is the mind communicating with you, advising you.  Ever entered a contest to count the jellybeans, or change in a piggy bank.  The mind knows exactly, and can tell you these things if you are prepared to listen.  Yet these are mundane tasks for the mind, and with the ritualized testing of paranormal abilities, it grow tired of playing games.  So men, follow your gut feelings, or the womans' intuition thing, it's the same for both sexes, and it register in the same place, the lower abdomen.

        How can you learn to listen to the advice, wisdom and guiding light of the mind?

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