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Author, Peter Grandics, PhD

Cancer: A Single Disease w/ Multiple Manifestations  

    This is a publication in the Journal of Carcinogenesis outlining our perspective that cancer arises from a single underlying cause of a dysfunctional immune system.  It affects/attacts the varied cells of the body, and therefore manifests as the many different types of cancer.  Ultimately cancer is the same disease with different symptons, and the underlying cause must be treated to fully resolve cancer.  In our view it can best be achieved through nutritional medicine that will strenghten and restore the immune system.  It must also incorporate a holisitc program to be fully successful at preventing relapses.

Stem Cell Theory on Cancer

    This is a publication that outlines our view that cancer arises from DNA damaged autoreactive T-cells, maintaining reproductive capabilites and able to mimic normal cells in their development, forming the initial tumor.

    In a normal immune system autoreactive T cells must be eliminated by apoptosis (death) when the immune response is terminated.  Apoptosis can be deficient in the event of a weakened immune system, the causes of which are multifactorial. Some autoreactive T cells suffer genomic damage in this process, but manage to survive.  The resulting cancer stem cell still retains some functions of an inflammatory T cell, so it seeks out sites of inflammation inside the body.  Due to its defective constitutive production of inflammatory cytokines and other growth factors, a stroma is built at the site of inflammation similar to the temporary stroma built during wound healing.  The cancer cells grow inside this stroma, forming a tumor that provides their vascular supply and protects them from cellular immune response.

New Insights into the Role of Infection, Immunity and Apoptosis in the Genesis of the Cancer Stem Cell

    This publication explores more in depth the conncection between infections and our theory on the Cancer Stem Cell as the basis for primary tumor establsihment in the body.

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