introduction: Purpose & Philosophy

    A-D Nutraceuticals researches and develops nutritional formulas for major diseases.  We believe a dysfunctional immune system is the root cause of many diseases.  Through our proprietary formulations using nutrition as the basic therapy, we have been able to help individuals regain their health and overcome diseases by restoring the critical balance of the immune system.  Currently we have developed several nutritional therapies for Cancer, Alzheimer’s and a potential candidate for Diabetes.  These are short-term therapies lasting forty-ninety days in duration, disease and health dependent.  These are not long term therapies, and benefits are often forthcoming in weeks or months.

    Underlying this approach, we also believe that the physical health of the body is dependent on a holistic approach of three aspects, or daily diets that should be fulfilled to maintain optimal health.  Browse the other pages of this site to gain an insight to a different perspective on human life, the human mental systems, imaging and goal setting and more.

  • Physical - Nutrition/exercise
  • Mental - Imaging/education/attitudes
  • Spiritual - Meditation/prayer

    Each daily diet is a contributing factor in the overall well being of a balanced life and nutritional approach to the primary purpose of life: to learn, enjoy, experience and grow in knowledge.  These should be viewed as essential for the contributions they will add to the eternal life that we will all arrive after departing this physical life.  The best description of this approach is in a quote.  "Simplicity is the key to life, moderation the enjoyment thereof."  There is perhaps no greater misery than to be of ill health that prevents us from attaining happiness and growth in our personal life. 

    The excesses of life are often what throws the balance out of kilter, and then discovering we have a problem.  Stress is perhaps the most debilitating of all elements to the immune system, and leads us into a dysfunctional immune system that opens the door in particular, to the onset of cancer. 

    It debilitates the digestive system, and chronic or prolonged stress especially leads to an imbalance in the immune system.  When this extended period of stress depletes the reserves in the endocrine system, it prevents the various organs and glands from contributing their intended contribution to good health.  When this happens, it almost always followed by a domino effect of failure throughout the body's immune system.  At optimal levels, our bodies can keep cancer at bay under most circumstances just by maintaining this balance in the endocrine system.
    Our therapies are designed to restore the immune system to full functionality, correcting the deficiencies, and when possible, gives an edge to the immune system over the disease to heal itself.  While it is possible to rely only upon the physical to overcome disease, such as cancer, the scales are heavily weighted in our favor when the holistic approach is followed.  The holistic system of life is important for many reasons, but primarily in the understanding of HOW it impacts our life and health through the thinking processes.  See the Mental Systems page for a more in depth guide. 

    To aid in this overall process of good nutrition, there is a recommended daily diet that will help anyone to maintain the optimal levels of nutritional ingredients in the body required by the immune system through a unique system of mineral colors.  The various recommended foods will supply the critical components necessary for a new way of looking at our health through the use of these mineral colors.  Vitamins and minerals are undoubtedly important in the overall nutritional regimen of good health; however, the missing link in available nutritional information is the component of mineral colors.  The real purpose in the many different types of foods available to us is more for the sake of variety.  Why are mineral colors important?  See the recommended Daily Diet for a full explanation. 

    The body is a unique mechanism, different from that of animal life in one major respect - the Human Mental Systems factor, a plural arrangement.  The primary basis is our intellect and the ability to reason. Animal life is instinctual and learned.  The mental system of man is comprised of our reasoning ability, the Ego and Alter Ego.  While the common psychological jargon refers to the Id, Ego and Super Ego, in reality only the Ego and Alter Ego exist to allow us the ability to reason.  When compounded by the physical emotional system in the brain, we can experience the full range of emotional qualities in life.  The emotional system is what instills in us fear, joy, confidence, anger, and any other of the forty-nine total emotions found in man.  Observe animal life, and you will not see emotions, only reactions to the circumstances dictated by instinct.

    This should clearly tell us that we are very different from animal life, and as such we should reassess how we apply the various aspects of medicine and the healing arts to human life.  More importantly, is how and why we should reassess how we perceive the myriad interrelationships of the Human Mental Systems in our life and our health?     

    Welcome to the site and take the time to read the new information presented in a different light about the most fascinating aspect of life - human life itself.  There are many articles to be published from a privately published book out of print that will amaze and intrigue you as you take this new educational journey for the person who needs you most in life: