Ongoing research continues on the completed supplement.  No clinical trials have been commissioned on this all natural formula.

    This supplement is a derivative of a specific cancer therapy developed specifically for Pancreatic Cancer.  The theory is to aid the body in naturally rebuilding the internal webbing of the pancreas destroyed by cancer.  Should the theory be proven true for diabetes, it may have the same effect as potentially reversing the cause of diabetes regenerating the production of insulin by the body.

    Diabetic patients who have participated in early tests noted positive results with lower insulin requirements after two weeks of the therapy.  The protocol requires one and a half ounces taken three times per day.  A dietician has reviewed the ingredient listing of this supplement and concluded that if combined with a protein based meal or snack, the low amount of available sugars in the base formula could offset any glucose and insulin issues.  Diabetic testing is the responsible course while following this therapy, and a graduated intake is suggested to record fluctuations.

    This therapy requires the use of the prescriptive ingredient quinine sulfate in the U.S. and E.U. countries, and is not provided through this source.  To participate in a trial for this therapy, you must legally obtain the required amount of quinine for inclusion into the supplement to be effective.  This nutraceutical is similar in composition and therapy protocol to the MSQ formulation for cancer.  Please review this link for the details.  MSQ Ingredients

    If you are interested in submitting your name for an ad hoc trial, please contact us through the above contact link.