cancer: Many Diseases or a single cause with many symptoms?

A New Perspective on cancer

We believe that the Holy Grail of medicine - “a cure for cancer” will likely never be discovered as a direct method or process.  However, we do believe that cancer can be controlled and eliminated as a direct threat to a person’s life.  While prevention is the best approach, cancer can and does gain a foothold in what appears to be a healthy body endangering our health and life.

In our perspective, cancer is different than any other disease that afflicts mankind.  We believe it is a working part of our life’s assessments - physical and mental.  If it is a working part of the human system of life, then everyone is at risk for developing cancer.  If this perspective is true, then cancer can not be divested or removed from our body except in death.  Therefore, the search for a cure may be a futile chase for the impossible, and we should reconsider different therapeutic approaches for cancer.  This may give the impression this is like a science fiction plot, but consider how often science fiction has become reality?

We believe that cancer can be prevented or destroyed by our most powerful ally, a fully functioning immune system.  The question of why some people develop cancer and not others is the baffling question.  We routinely hear that a healthy, happy go lucky person we know is suddenly diagnosed with cancer.  Why that person?  What about the person who smokes, does not exercise and lives a seemingly unhealthy lifestyle?  Examining lifestyle, nutrition, habits, and attitudes can be very enlightening, and shed some light about general trends between health and cancer.  However, there are also many contradictions or aspects which may not not found in this general lifestyle survey.

The list of carcinogens grows daily, but are these the real culprits?  A long term smoker lives until their eighties, but the non-smoker is diagnosed with lung cancer at an early age.  Where do these two people live – a big city with air pollution or a rural area?  What are the differences, similarities?  There are many extraneous factors to blame it on carcinogens alone.

In any process there are three parts – A, B, and C.  The presence of tumors or other oncology disorders in the body are actually the symptoms of cancer, Part B of the process.  We know Part C is usually the end of life, so what is Part A?  Part A is the beginning of cancer, the underlying situation that allows cancer to gain a foothold and establish tumor sites in the body.  Our research holds that it is a dysfunctional immune system.  The immune system is broken, and needs to be fixed.

Medical science searches for a specific cure or a magic bullet for each type of cancer – the part B.  We’ve been researching the beginning - part A.  Has medical science overlooked the possibility there might be a singular approach, a more direct method to eliminate cancer?  Instead of attacking the body, why not try to work with the body?  If the underlying cause of cancer could be corrected, would remission follow?  If so, what approach could be used to correct the problem?

Nutritional Basis for Cancer

It is strongly suggested by research and the American Cancer Society that up to one third of cancers could be prevented by proper nutrition.  If part of the proven problem began with nutritional deficiencies, perhaps all of them could be traced backwards to nutritional deficiencies that have a common basis.

Nutraceuticals or nutritional medicine is an emerging field of research that holds much promise for many of our ills, aches and pains.  Why?  The body is comprised entirely of elements of this earth, so perhaps missing elements in our nutritional makeup could be a cause of any number of cascading problems.  In physics, if an atom is missing an electron, neutron or proton, it changes the atomic structure of an element. 

The immune system is primarily composed of the seventeen organs and glands of the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is a very complex system with many dependent interrelationships responsible for the production, blending and storing of thousands of various chemicals required by the body.  Theoretically it holds that if critically needed elements are missing from the stored reserves needed to produce these chemicals, a deficient or dysfunctional immune system will likely result in time.  Could this be the underlying problem for many illnesses afflicting mankind?

Pharmaceutical drugs are generally believed to work as a direct therapy or cure for a specific illness.  However, with antibiotics, they may in fact be supplying a critical missing element in the immune system arsenal.  Once fortified with this missing element or a higher than normal quantity, our ally the immune system, can finish the job of destroying that illness or bacteria.  Most drugs are intended to suppress or enhance body functions, but the category of supplying missing elements to the immunes system is an emerging field.

In our perspective, everyone has the potential for developing cancer in their body.  The critical factor is a fully functioning immune system strong enough to suppress or prevent cancer.  Therefore, in the event a person is in the situation of a dysfunctional immune system, this is the optimal time in which cancer could become established in the body. Therefore, it should also be able to wipe out any oncology problems that occur, WHEN it has been restored to full functionality.  Our R&D approach has been to find a method to boost, restore and aid our powerful ally the immune system, to a functional state by correcting the nutritional imbalance.  Defeating cancer in our body may be as simple as providing critical missing elements or compounds to correct the deficiencies of the endocrine system, and to give it an edge over resilient and tough cancer cells.

Alliance with the Immune System

If the immune system already has a premier method for preventing or killing cancer cells, perhaps there is nothing science can develop synthetically or be able to reproduce that process which will work better.  If so, the best way to fight cancer is to find a way to create an alliance with and use the full force of our natural immune system.

We know that attacking the tumors directly through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is only treating the symptom, and not the underlying cause.  Cancer may give the appearance of being eliminated from the body, yet more often it is only a temporary remediation of the problem.  The underlying cause may still persist, and cancer goes into retreat, lying in wait for the right condition to reemerge and the cancer victim relapses.  Direct assaults through chemotherapy and radiation weaken an already dysfunctional immune system even more.  Chemotherapy is very destructive to both good and bad cells, and research is weighing heavily towards its’ ineffectiveness against cancer.

Carcinogens may not be the direct cause of cancer or the smoking gun in all cases.  However, they may be responsible for creating a weak link or a chronic irritation in the body where cancer can become established.  Cigarette smoke is a chronic irritation of the lungs; alcohol may contribute to irritation of the mouth, throat and stomach.  Prolonged chemical exposure may create these types of irritations in the body providing a primary site for infection and cancer.  Exposure to nuclear elements is a given due to the radical DNA damage to cells.  However, the amount of radiation from X-ray and other diagnostics may not be that dangerous when used judiciously.

Chronic infection sites in the body are just as liable, and indeed many primary infections have been demonstrated to be associated with various types of cancers.  Chemical exposure, pollution, side effects from medical drugs, disease or drug abuse can also be factors.  Overall we know cancer is some form of internal cell damage gone wild, and propagates faster than our normal cells.

As individuals, we are the primary advocates of our health and well being.  It is our responsibility to maintain our guard, stay healthy, and follow recommendations for good health and mental attitudes to keep the immune system at its highest level of ability.  Where cancer is concerned, we are not victims of cancer as much as we are victims of our own neglect.

The Stress Link to Cancer

Stress is one link that has been strongly correlated and proven to have an effect on our immune system and nutrition.  In most every case of cancer, if a proper lifestyle survey was administered to every typical cancer patient, we believe that stress would be found at the top of the list as the first link in the breakdown of the immune system.  The effects of prolonged or chronic stress, has been highly proven and accepted over hundreds of studies to negatively impact the digestive system, our primary intake for all nutrients into our body.

Stress constricts the pores in the stomach wall and the small intestines, prohibiting the absorption of most all carbohydrates.  Proteins being smaller in size readily pass through the constricted pores into the body and begin to create an imbalance.  The imbalance over time affects other functions in the endocrine system and shortages of certain elements begin to occur.  Normally our body will hold in reserve a thirty to ninety day supply of these elements to ward off the effects of short term stress.  Prolonged, chronic stress is the cause and culprit we must strive to prevent.

When the chemical reserves become depleted from the prolonged stress period, the dependencies within the endocrine system start to fail.  It may only be a matter of time and immune response situations that a crisis arises in the body. A domino effect takes over and the body’s health becomes vulnerable and at a disadvantage.  Chronic irritations or infection sites in the body once kept at bay or under control, become primary sites for cancer to establish a tumor.  While this scenario does not always result in cancer, it is the leading cause that provides ideal conditions for primary tumor establishment in the body.

This is a simplified view of how cancer may begin, but the secondary trigger may actually be found in the leukocytes, or white blood cells.  White blood cells are the warrior cells of the immune system, and as such have certain unique capabilities.  They can also be prone to partial damage of their DNA and become free radicals or destructive in nature with reproductive capabilities that may form the basis for cancer stem cells.  While more research is required to firmly establish this direct link, many studies and scientists are in some agreement with this line of thinking.


Our research has led us in the direction of a nutritional approach for two primary reasons.  The links to poor nutrition, stress and other aspects regarding the immune system are in agreement with our theories and research as cancer resulting from a single underlying cause.  The results of medical science over the past forty years have not produced anything close to a successful cancer therapy, or a significant increase in survival rates in all types of cancer.  Our patient trials have demonstrated that one therapy may in fact treat all forms of cancer using this singular underlying causitive approach.  We also believe that any new approach to cancer therapy that produces results outside of the mainstream therapies should be given serious consideration as an equivalent mainstream therapy with additional funding.

Secondly, we have proven that using the nutritional approach in forming an alliance with the immune system, and restoring the functionality of the endocrine system has produced amazing remission results in terminal patients.  Focusing on an underlying single cause as a definitive cancer therpay, we have demonstrated that various types of primary and metastatic tumors can be treated with a single product using a very safe nutritional supplement – a nutraceutical product.

These remission results, many of which are documented through ad hoc patient trials and several published case studies demonstrates this novel nutritional therapy is ready for more intense clinical trials.  Those patients using our recommended holistic therapy approach have found the process to be more relaxing and healing faster in the recovery process.  Any cancer patient can apply the recommended mental, physical and spiritual holistic techniques regardless of the type of therapy being used in their treatment process.

If you are a cancer patients willing to apply for a patient trial, please contact us for details and requirements.  Contact Us

The links below provide more information for our therapy protocols, holistic techniques, a summary matrix of documented cases and various publications from our research and theories about cancer.  The case studies, profiles and summaries are of terminal patients and their results obtained from ad hoc trials over a seven year period in Hungary using the MSQ therapy.  A new MP-10 therapy is an over the counter based supplement requiring no prescritptive ingredients.  The MSQ based therapy used in the case studies requires the prescriptive ingredient quinine sulfate to be added to the formula which we can not provide.  You must obtain the quinine on your own for inlcusion.  We can provide the base MSQ supplement without quinine, and while still effective, requires double the time period and amount of supplement to be taken versus the quinine version.

Protocol Links

This is the preferred alternative if quinine is not used, and requires the same time frame.
MP-10 Supplement Protocol

This is the quinine included version requiring a prescription in the United States and most of Europe.
MSQ Protocol

Case Studies, Patient Summaries & Profiles

Spreadsheet summary matrix of patients with documentation or profiles.
Case Study Summary Matrix (spreadsheet- 5 pgs)

Full length case studies of patients that used the prior patented MSQ therapy protocol in Hungary.
Case Studies - Documentation & Patient Results (40 pgs)

Published remission case study of a terminal adult Acute Myelogenic Cancer patient using MSQ therapy.
Weblink - Abstract Only - Login needed to access entire file.
MSQ Remssion of a Terminal Acute Myelogenic Cancer Patient

Full Version of the AML Case Study- PDF

Bile Duct Cancer Remission Case Study submitted for publication.
Bile Duct Case Study

Terminal Colon Cancer Case - Full Remission
Colon Cancer Case Study


Published paper with our view of cancer as a single underlying disease, and how nutritional medicine is used to correct a dysfunctional immune system.  The manifestation of many types of cancer is due primarily to the different types of cells in the body that cancer may take over and emulate adding to the treatment confusion of allopathic medicine.
Cancer: Single Disease with Multiple Manifestations

This publication is our theoretical view on how cancer originates in the body.
Origin of Cancer: Stem Cell Theory

Recent publication discussing the links between infections and tumor origination at infection sites.  Supplement our view on how cancer originates in the body via leukocytes and the relationship to previous publication - Stem Cell Theory.
New Insights for Infections, Tumor Genesis, and Cancer Stem Cells

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