Colony Collapse Disorder & Treatment

        The microscopic parasite, which may be known as Gamorobict, is the culprit responsible for killing the bees.  It is found in a particular pesticide that is relatively new to the market, and may be a systemic format type.  The parasite is actually a part of the insecticide and is a "new" life form which is part of the pesticide payload.  It can be identified as having a distinct triangular shape under a microscope.  Life expectancy of the parasite is approximately six months after treatment of plants with pesticide.
        The way to identify the offending pest and pesticide is to examine it under a microscope looking for the distinct triangular shaped pattern of the parasite.  Dead bees may also be inspected for the same shape of parasite for comparative identification.
        Stop using this pesticide all together on anything which may come in contact with bees.  Although it could have useful applications in treating areas heavily infected with Africanized bees, it would likely wipe out any or all existing wild bee populations.  A reintroduction program would have to be closely monitored and pursued to reestablish wild European bee colonies.
        The parasite is found on the treated flowers and vegetables, and attaches itself to the bee which upon return to the hive infects the hive and internal structure.
Formula Application:
        The formula should be applied by a sprayer to the entire inside structure of the hive such as the walls, screens or other surfaces bees will traverse.  Include a thorough application particularly at the entry/exit openings of the hives.  The hive exterior should also be treated as it will survive for a prolonged period of time.  After the initial application, the hive should be monitored, and a second application could be used in 1-2 weeks as a precaution.
Application Precautions:
        No special precautions are necessary.  Formulation is not harmful to bees.  Application may occur in occupied hives.  Preferably hives may be sprayed when empty for better access and thoroughness of application.
        The formula preparation is comprised of the following ingredients thoroughly mixed into one (1) quart of water.
                2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
                2 Tablespoons Ginger
                3 Tablespoons of Quinine Sulfate
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